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Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Carving This years I wanted to document the pumpkin carving process. I have 8 small Mobius Cameras that can shoot HD video and timelapse. I set then up in an arc behind be and recorded 8 timelapses at once. Using Object2VR to present and view the timelapses, the viewer is able to move forward and backward through the timelapse and at the same time sweep left and right to switch the camera view.

Presentation. The three small squash were grown in our garden.
Halloween 2013  Halloween 2013  Halloween 2013 

This year Bill and Dawn Northrup of Sussex, New Brunswick, where I am from, set a new Atlantic Canada record with a 1813 pound pumpkin at the Windsor Weigh off.



Day time
Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011 
Night time
Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011 
All dressed up and nowhere to go.
Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011 
I created the Follow-Eyes creature to freek out the people driving by.
Halloween 2011  Halloween 2011 
An experiment to see if out fancy popcorn popper could cook the pumpkin seeds. It worked pretty good!
Halloween 2011 

Inspirations this year came from Halloween Monster List and Wolfstone's Haunted Halloween Site.



First Halloween in Saint John.
Halloween 2010  Halloween 2010 



Last Halloween in Katata.
Halloween 2009  Halloween 2009  Halloween 2009 



I Started designing and carving these pumpkins the evening before Halloween, after cleaning up from a late super.  The two larger ones took about 3 hours each to finish.  The brains of the vampire rat covers all the way to the back. The small one on the left came from my own garden.   It later became a large pumpkin pie.

Some more great examples and inspiration of pumpkin carving are  Pumpkin Gutter and Extreme Pumpkins.
Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  Halloween 2008  


The Saturday before Halloween.  A group of geeky friends that play poker most Saturdays played in a themed tournament to celebrate Halloween.  Geek Poker Tour Halloween Tournament.

Started out with three pumpkins. One got moldy beyond usability. And another we had to cut the bottom off to make if flat to get rid of all the moldy bits.  Added a chalk outline and fog machine.  The fog machine worked better inside than out.
Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007 
Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007  Halloween 2007 


Me and this years pumkins.  I tried making another Mr Smilely.  And a another attempt at the spider and webs.  The entire pumkin is designed with spider and webs all around.  The little ducky was for The Show by Zefrank.
Halloween 2006 Group shot  Halloween 2006 Mr Smilely  Halloween 2006 Spider  Halloween 2006 who likes the little little duckies?

The number of sites available to get free patterns or ideas online has dramaticaly increased.  I used a Dremel tool this year to add detail to both pumkins.
Halloween 2005 1 Halloween 2005 spiders 2 Halloween 2005 Mr Smilely 2 Halloween 2005 Milk jug skeleton


Had the decorations up a little early this year by some standards. Made a new Milk Jug Skeleton
The original instructions are gone.  I found new instructions here and here
House house2 Chalk outline doorway pumkin1 


The Chalk outline was a great hit!  It was to die for..
House house2 Chalk outline doorway pumkin1 Pumkin2

We went to film for our inspiration this time, Monsters Inc.  I left Milk Jug Skeleton in Calgary.  I wanted to make another one.  Most of the milk sold in Ottawa is not sold in jugs!  Got myself a string of pumpkin lights.
House house2

Milk Jug Skeleton with phosphorescent paint taken with a black light.


Milk Jug Skeleton with glow sticks inside.
I used the basic design of the Milk Jug Skeleton design with the difference, I glued the bottle caps of the jugs to the next jug so that I can disassemble the skeleton each year.






Jigsey with part of her Devil costume on


First year that pumpkin was not just two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Jennifer came up with the design I cut it out.

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