The World-Wide Panorama

Best of 2006 edition, January - December, 2006

An international involvement of VR panoramic photographers to capture and share panoramas.  For more information and everyones entry see the  World Wide Panorama site.  More than 370 photographers in 46 countries around the world created VR panoramas for the best of 2006 Edition.

Mazes at Saunders Farm , Munster, Ontario, Canada, October 21, 2006

In 1991 the Saunders started to transform their farm to showcase the Farm's growing beauty. The first maze was added in 1994 and by 2006 the farm host the largest collection of hedge Mazes in North America. Saunders Farm also has puzzle Mazes, tree forts, and a three-story observation Tower to view the Mazes from above.

The month of October is Haunting Season as seen in the panoramas below.

Saunders Farm 1 Saunders Farm 2 Saunders Farm 3 Saunders Farm 4
Saunders Farm 5 Saunders Farm 6 Saunders Farm 7 Saunders Farm 8
Saunders Farm 9 Saunders Farm 10 Saunders Farm 11 Saunders Farm 12
Saunders Farm 13 Saunders Farm 14

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