Technical papers and stuff ...



PanoTools is suite of programs and libraries for creating and manipulating panoramas.

Updated script example files for PTOptimizer and PTStitcher.

Testing Fulvio Senore's speed improvements to Panorama Tools library.

Testing Testing Interpolator Quality.

How to Correct Chromatic Aberration with PanoTool's Radial Shift.

Vignetting and Light Falloff How well does panorama tools work at correcting light falloff and vignetting.

The Equipment I use for taking panoramas.

The Wired Remote I modified for taking panoramas up a tall pole.

For information on stitching software see PanoGuide

For great set of tools, see Helmut Dersch's Panorama Tools or a Mirror at:


Immersive Video

Immersive Video camera setup

Stereo Panoramic Video with Mobius Cameras


Create and Make - Arts and Crafts

CD Lamps

    How to make a CD lamp using a fluorescent tube.

    And CD lamp2.


    Assemble a stellated dodecahedron into a Christmas star ornament.

Ice Lantern

    Experiments at creating Ice Lanterns using mold from Lee Valley.

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