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On May 21, 2007 I went up in my in the air for a ride.

16th edition of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival, from August 29 to September 1, 2003

I was there Saturday morning, a good 45 minutes early and there was no one around me (one other person in this area) but it was too windy and they did not take off.  I returned Saturday evening, just as the first balloon was taking off.  There were huge amounts of people there, and I was not able to get as close as I would like.

I am creating a panorama movie by taking panorama or partial panorama about every minute, from 6:28PM  to 6:55PM I will have about 30 panorama movie frames, I still need to stitch about half of them to add to the movie. 

I wish the people did not move around so much.  The clouds also moved much more than I thought.  The convenience of A one shot system setup for this type of panorama definitely would out weigh the low resolution. 

The movie jumps quite a bit.  It would look much better if there was 2 to 4 more frames between each one I captured.

It would also look much better it I could set up in the middle of the balloons, so that they were much closer, and all around.

I stitched one complete 360.  Then used this as a reference to stitch and warp all the other images (partial pans) on top of. 

I used each complete 360 as a key-frames and created all the other frames by adding the partial pan on top and flattening the image.


Here are a couple VR's of the balloon until I get the movie ready.

 (Full screen and Java versions coming soon.)


After the Balloons took off I stuck around and created some VR's of the rides and games.  Thirteen different panoramas from dusk to dark.

Java Version
QT version

I wanted to create images like the ones I took at the Calgary Stampede many different years but now as panoramas.  My digital camera does not have the dynamic range that the film camera had, but the panoramas give a much better experience.


15th edition of the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival,from August 30 to September 2, 2002

I showed up like many other people just before sun rise.  I set up my equipment and waited.  The sun came up directly behind the balloons.  And the wind was such that they would be traveling right over me not giving me much time to get the pictures.  So I moved my set up over to the side.

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