stellated dodecahedron

Christmas Star

Star 1


A stellated dodecahedron come in a few variations.  This one has 12 faces with each face creating a star with 5 edges and 5 points. The points of the stars meet giving 12 points to the solid.  A total of 30 lines connect the 12 points.

I created this one in 1989 as a Christmas ornament.  I made it to come apart. I have assembled and hung this Christmas ornament each year since. Then disassembled and put away for the next year.

Star 2


Created from 15, four foot long, 1/8 inch dowels, cut in half, to make 30 pieces, two feet long. The dowels weave though each other and connect at the points.  Having it out side in the snow and rain some years has caused some of the dowels to be warped. The whole thing was spray painted gold.

No instructions of how to put it together.  But, I find it easier to start with one face (a five pointed star), and add to it, one face at a time.  Each time weaving the dowel above and below the other dowels.

Star 3


The points are made from plastic tubing and are held together with some thread. The thread is used to sew the pieces of tube together. The ends of the dowels were were sanded down slightly for easier assembly.

Star 6


Star 5

Disassembled there are 6 groups of 5 sticks each with a group of tubing at each end.  This makes for easy storage.

What I Would do Different Next Time

I would like at create a new one using acrylic tubes instead of dowels.  Use LEDs to light up the tubes.  Control the lights so the faces could be lit separately.  Each tube should have two colors depending on which face it is lighting.


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