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My Newest PanHeads

In March of 2006 I purchased a Nikon D70S digital camera and dedicated Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye lens.  Again I needed a new pan head.

On Tripod

I had two fiends that were also interested in making their own panoramas. One had a bunch of extruded aluminum. I used this to help make three custome panheads for each of our camera and lens setup.  Here is my setup.


My pole PanHead 1

I also need a new pan head to go on top of my Strong Arm pole.  This is my fist atempt.  The pole is captured in the shots.  It actualy takes up too much of each frame.



My pole PanHead 2

Second atempt.  Camera is rotated and angeled down slightly.  The corner of each shot captures the bottom of the pole.  This compleatly fills in the nadir.  I usualy will fill this in with a final shot taken from the side.  This leave a bit larger zenith to fill in but with camera pointed up and two shot rotated 180 deg from each other does this pertectly.   I used this set up for quit a few of my shots on my web site.



I was having trouble using wireless remote to trigger the camera when it is on top of the pole, so I modified a wired remote for my Nikon D70s.

PanHead for nikon CoolPix995

In March of 2002 I purchased a Nikon 995 digital camera.  The next week I made this Pan head out of a piece of metal I bought at the local hardware store.  The strip of metal was $10Cnd and had enough to make three such heads.  This is the second one.  The first one used washers instead of the curved to create a space for the bolt to connect the pan head to the camera.  The small piece of metal can be changed based on the lens being used.  Or more holes drilled.

QTVR Object of PanHead

  Viewer Instructions:



The original PanHead


I created this pan head in 1991 out of wood.

I only took one picture of the camera pointing straight up so it looks a little confusing. If I was to shoot a complete 360 X 180 panorama, I would only need to shoot one picture straight up.

Composite image of some of the professional equipment for taking VR photos.

Some companies - Tripods, leveling bases, panoramic rotating heads - panoramic heads


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