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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The plaque that on the ground in the middle of the statues reads,
The Family of Man,  donated to the city of Calgary by Maxwell Cummings and sons dedicated by the Duke of Kent on the 8th of July 1968  J. C. Leslie, Mayor

This image was created from 12 vertical photos taken with 28 mm lens on 35 mm camera.
The negatives were scanned and put together as one 360 deg image.
family of man 53KB 1000 X 185
The image here taken in 1993 is only 6% of the final size of 16731 X 3088 pixels
It could be printed to make a 2 feet tall by 10 3/4 feet long print
I have made a sample strip of the section on a 36" plotter and the detail is good.

This image was created from 8 vertical photos taken with 28 mm lens on 35 mm camera, but a little further back.
The negatives were scanned and put together as one ~180 deg image.
98KB 1000 X 461
The image here taken in 1993 is only 14% of the final size of 7200 X 3000 pixels
I have made a print about 15" X 36".

I created this panorama in hopes to make it into a postcard.  The one above was too old and some building had changed.  I shot this early fall 2000.  I was running quickly towards the deadline at the same time as I was packing to move to Ottawa.  One thing got in the way of another and I never got a chance to complete it before I left.  I no longer have the name of my contact in Calgary.
133KB 1000 X 361
The image here was created from 6 vertical images spaced at 30 deg increments and the camera was pointed up at 23 deg.  The final panorama has a horizontal field of view of 180 deg, and the final size is 2562 X 7091

This is one of the first set of photos I shot of the statues, back in 1992.  At the time I had not heard of VR and stitching software.  I pasted prints together with tape to form the panoramas.  With this example I was hoping to make a full circle.  I shot them at a very sharp angle up, probably around 45 deg.  But the laws of physics were against me.  It was not possible to line up all the points and still make a circle. 

Some how the camera got set to automatic mode, I ended up with a hole bunch of different exposures.  I never bothered fixing them before they were stitched together.  With the use of stitching software I was able to create what was impossible with a bunch of rectilinear images.  From the images I stitched them into a equirectangular projection panorama.  Then warped them into a Fisheye projection looking straight up.
298KB 1340 X 1340
The image here was taken with 18 images, (12 is all I needed with a 28mm lens).  The exposures very so much I never felt like I improving the image.

The Family of man statues sit in front of the Calgary Board of Education building in downtown Calgary. A description has been removed from their web site.  The statue images are incorporated into their logo .


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