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Geek Fest is what my friends and I call a LAN party. It usually is more than just playing games on a network, but mainly that is what it is.

April 2003

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Geekfest vr

4 views of all the computers and gamers.  The house is kept pretty dark for a better Geek Fest experience.

QuickTime version
Java version


March 2001

Grant and Laura, hosted 2001's first Geek Fest of the year.  March 9th to the 11th.  Their home was invaded by more than 12 additional computers.  All couches and floor space was occupied at night with sleeping bodies.

I learned Quake III, and supplied everyone who tried something to kill.

To learn more about Geek Fest 2001.03.09 see Grant's The Geek Fest.

  "What is it I do to boot to Win 2000 again?"
142KB 1000 X 500

  Take that.  ... and Jim's Quake guy dies again.
122KB 1000 X 368

140KB 1000 X 548

  Mike goes "ballistic"
115KB 800 X 600

  Mike waging war
106KB 900 X 600

111KB 600 X 900

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