House, Saint John, New Brunswick

May 8, 2010 to present

On May 7th 2010 we left Kanata, Ontario and late that same night arrived to our new home in Saint John, New Brunswick. On the morning of May 8th I started taking some panoramas of our new place before the movers arrived with our stuff. I managed to get a few before it got too populated with boxes. As I process the panoramas I will add more.


May 8th 2010
Large space for two vehicle plus plenty left over for a couple workbenchs and storage.

May 17th 2010
Shortly after all our stuff was delivered and roughly put where it belongs. My Father and I built a 16 foot workbench. The first three sections will have drawers when I have time. The other side will have storage shelves for all our seasonal stuff. The little box of wood is the limited amount of scrap we created when creating the workbench and putting down hardwood floor in the first two of three bedrooms.

June 14th 2010
The driveway was expanded and leveled. The excess soil went to the side to either fill in some low places or to later put into the bottom of the raised planters. Gravel was added to the sides and compacted for the pavers. 16.5 tonnes of minus Lime Stone used to created the new driveway. Once the pavers are in place we will know better if we will need more or not.


May 8th 2010
The lot extends to the edge of the drop off on the left to the far right where it is at the bottom of the hill. The ground needs lots of wrok.

june 13th 2010
Work started on the backyard. Four trucks loads of top soil and the previous two loads of fill in the process of being leveled. The 3/4 lime is destined to go under the deck. Rented an excavator and my father made it look easy as he operated it. The flowers around the garage were saved to do the work at the front of the house.

july 17th 2010
Planted 6 fruit trees in the backyard. Two sets of three trees [Apple, Pear, & Plum] and [Apple, Apple, & Pear]. Eventually there will be a triangular raised vegetable bed. The trees make a second interlaced triangle. Where the triangles intersect the bed will be raised a second level.

raised bed

There will be a fenced backyard so we can keep our dog from escaping. In the midle of the back fence will be a gate leading to a raised gazebo further back in the yard to give a better view of the bay. The freshly planted rose bushes are on either side of the path leading to the gazebo.

Several truck loads of top soil was spread over the back yard. The grass seed is starting to come up.


May 8th 2010
Walkway going from house to garage.

July 12th 2011
Walkway going from house to back of the garage. The stones where uncovered while digging in the yard, mostly installing the planters. Planter is done. Thyme planted around the stones. The deck and railings have stain. The backyard has a garden. Need more gravel under the deck. Could use at least three more tandem truck loads of soil to smooth out the back yard, but that is not going to happen.


May 8th 2010
Raised planters are planned infront of the deck.

june 13th 2010
Work started on the front yard. Dug up the driveway to make it wider and edge it with pavers. Quarter minus line going on driveway. Raised planters going around the deck. The back of the planters will be the cinder blocks. The planter stones are arriving in a few days.

July 5th 2010
The driveway has its pavers lining the edges. The planter has its back complete with the cinder blocks the front has the first row in place halfway down the front. The first row is the hardest! One more row will be added beside the driveway. Topsoil will come up to the cinder blocks and mulch will cover to hide the tops. Many of the plants to fill the planters are stored in pots and plastic bags around the garage. Pavers will continue as solders along the planter. The deck rails are stained blue the top will be the brown between the rails. Much more staining to do.

Aug 3rd 2010
Planter nearing completion. 14cy of Soil was delivered today. Need a new blade for the saw to finish the top..

Oct 5th 2010
Cleaning up the front yard for winter. The top row on the wall is in place but not glued down. The bricks placed as soldiers at the foot of the wall need to have some cut to tighten up the curve. The remaining soil will be used to back fill next to the bricks after they are cut and compacted in place. The front railing is now stained inside and out.

Up stairs

The entire house was painted the same color, a light brown.

Down Stairs

Wide open space to set up projector and exercise equipment. A second washroom with our washer and dryer. Two large closets for seasonal storage. The room in the back will be our Craft room.