Our House - Ottawa, Canada

Purchased in Aug 2002.

serveral QTVR of back yard

See how things have changed.
Several QTVR of the back yard to view it in a virtual reality environment.

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2002 Summer (special thanks to teams alpha and beta--they came cheap and worked very hard )
- Painted Dining room, Kitchen, Living room, Master bedroom, guest bedroom, and office.
- Painted basement and garage floors.
- Renovated kitchen - moved stove, fridge, & island, installed new cupboards and replaced counter top.
- Installed laminate wood flooring (floating floor) throughout the upstairs.
- Installed network cables and panels through house.
- Re-shingled small front part of roof.
- Enlarged garden. planted several trees & shrubs (now small)
- Modified sandbox into veggie garden area,
- Taped, plastered, & painted garage - to cut down on dust for Workshop.
- Created a patio area beside deck for barbecue.

What it looked like when we moved in Aug 2002 What it looked like on
 Sept 2002
Kitchen and eating area Kitchen with new fridge
Kitchen with stove and old fridge Kitchen with Marble
Kitchen with old eating area

2002 Fall & Winter
- Built from scratch new mantel for over fireplace.
- Removed large square post enclosure and replaced it with small round tube with medallion.
- Install Marble for Kitchen counter top.
- Made closet under the basement stairwell and drywalled 2 walls of the laundry room

What it looked like when we moved in Aug 2002 What it looked like on
December 2002
Old Mantel New Mantel

2003 Spring
- Built medicine cabinet for en suite.
- Painted entertainment room in basement.
- Painted sewing and laundry room in basement.
- Built arbor for the backyard affectionately known as the monument

2003 Summer
- Installed new shelving in basement for storage.
- Moved and installed old shelving to garage.
- Installed florescent light over sewing area.  Moved old light to wine storage.
- Installed and painter molding to upstairs bedrooms
- Watched the garden grow.

Here are a few pictures of what it looked like in the Summer.

The Impatiens did not get a lot of sun light, but they did get very red.  I made a bunch of clipping to put them in again next year.
Rose bud
Rose bud from another rose bush.
Green bush Staghorn Sumac tree in the back yard.  Taken in late summer.  It grew a lot this year.
Red bush The same Sumac tree.  Only turns this color in the fall.

2003 Fall
- Added light to arbor
- Expanded flower bed in front of house.  Planted a few more fall flowers.
- Harvested vegetable garden.
- Added skirt and molding to edge of deck.

What it looked like when we moved in Aug 2002 What it looked like on
October 2003
Old backyard New backyard with deck and arbor
Old backyard from lawn New backyard with deck and arbor from lawn    New backyard with deck and arbor from lawn
Old front of house Old backyard from lawn


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