My NICE Ice Lantern Experiments

NICE Ice Lanterns mold purchased from Lee Valley store.

I recieved a NICE Ice Lantern mode for Christmas 2010 and did some experimenting through the winter.

Dec 31, 2010, New Years Eve

Four created for New Years Eve. Set them outside on the planters edge. Few shots from just before dark to just after.
ice lanterns 2010 00  ice lanterns 2010 16  ice lanterns 2010 18  ice lanterns 2010 02  ice lanterns 2010 23 

ice lanterns 2010 12  ice lanterns 2011 33 In clear and green. First tried to create all clear in one go. The inside was not frozen after three days when I took it apart. Added the green and put out to freeze some more. The colored water was the first to melt.

ice lanterns 2010 11  ice lanterns 2010 32 In blue and red. Used boiled water to reduce the air in the water. Added colored ice cubes in layers and topping up with water. Hard to tell that the color pieces are in the shape of ice cubes. The color cubes melted some when the clear water was added.

ice lanterns 2010 50  ice lanterns 2010 06  ice lanterns 2010 31 Added colored water in layers. The food coloring would sink before freezing. Used previously boiled water to remove air. Froze in freezer but kept water outside to speed up the process.The dye was last to freeze and first to melt. The outside edge froze first. The inside last. The sections between colors is where the dye separated. No non-colored water was used to make this lantern.
Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange

ice lanterns 2010 07  ice lanterns 2010 30 Clear ice cubes topped up with colored water. This one froze the quickest. The ice cubes helped a lot.

Jen's Birthday party, Jan, 2011,

It is much faster to create using the ice cubes and chilling the water outside to near freezing before adding to the form.

ice lanterns 2011 34  ice lanterns 2011 40  ice lanterns 2011 44 

ice lanterns 2011 37 Boiled tap water used to make ice cubes. Filled form with ice cubes then froze many small layers of green colored water.

ice lanterns 2011 41 Boiled tap water used to make ice cubes. Filled form with ice cubes then froze layers of water with drops of different food coloring. Tried to not disturb while each layer froze. It looks mostly green. The blue and yellow drops mixed together, the red is not showing much and I also added green.

ice lanterns 2011 43 Boiled tap water used to make ice cubes. Filled form with ice cubes then froze a few medium layers of red colored water.

ice lanterns 2011 47 Used melted snow to get purer water. Boiled then strained the snow water. Froze in large layers. The last layer (bottom, not as clear) was from boiled tap water.

Some more experimenting, Dec 2011

ice lanterns 2011 49 The goal was to make very clear ice.
Made in one go from previously boiled tap water. Allowed several days for it to freeze solid. It was the hardest one to get out of the mold. There was more expansion of the ice when freezing in one go. Took 30 minutes of soaking the center in hot water to get it out. This removed most of the ice that froze last and would have had the most air trapped. The ice remaining is mostly clear.

ice lanterns 2011 51 About a half cup of colored water frozen at a time. Cycling through Red, Yellow, Blue.

ice lanterns 2012 54 ice lanterns 2012 55 colored ice cubes filled up with clear water and clear ice cubes filled up in layers of colored water.

ice lanterns 2012 52 ice lanterns 2012 53 Blue and red colored ice cubes made from tap water. Two different types of food coloring. Clear water (previously boiled) added in layers. The dye of the red cubes in the midle melted some when the clear water was added and worked its way through the blue cubes.

Gelatin, Jan 2012

Blue colored ice cubes filled up with clear water. Dissolved some plain gelatin powder in boiling water to create the colored ice cubes. Used one package with 4 cups of water. To make gelatin should only use 2 cups of water. The gelatin helped keep the dye in suspension until it became solid(gelatin) and then froze solid. The cubes were a bit sticky and did not like to come out of the tray.

The gelatin in the water slows down the melting. the dye speeds up the melting process. The colored ice cubes with gelatin melted last.

ice lanterns 2012 56 ice lanterns 2012 57 ice lanterns 2012 58 ice lanterns 2012 59