Munster Film Festival

The Munster Film Festival (MFF), is a small annual film festival started by some of my friends in Ottawa. 


Sharing the Movie

Sharing 17MB 102sec

This is my very first video I ever made.  And my first entry to the MFF.  It was a very enjoyable process.  I will try more. 

I shoot the footage in Feburary 2004 and did not start editing it until December, a week before the compitition.  I am making fun of the not so popular ads that the MPAA ran at the begining of movies in theaters about, paying for movies that you just paid for. You may remember the "Who Makes Movies" by the Set Painter or Stuntman.

Some of the many others that have also complained about these ads: (I found these after I finished my own.)'s Anti Anti Piracy Ads - A Graphic Designer
   Rick Mercer's Monday Report

Original ads:
   MPAA's Anti Piracy - A Set Painter
   MPAA's Anti Piracy - A Stuntman


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