Nikon D70s MC-DC1 remote

I needed a remote so I can remotely take pictures while my Nikon D70s camera is at the top of a 5 meter pole. 

I have had the ml-l3 wireless remote for some time.  The problem is the sensor for the infrared remote is at the front of the camera.  It is possible to use a mirror to bonus the light to the sensor.  I have added a small piece of silver metallic reflective tape(used to seal air ducts) to the front of the camera.  I can easily bend it to different directions as needed so I can stand behind the camera and take pictures.

The ml-l3 does work with the 5 meter pole, but not without issues. 

So I was never always sure the camera took a picture.  But the wired MC-DC1 remote that Nikon sells is only a meter long.

There in not much information on this remote on the web but with some digging I found out enough that I can extend the cable.

There is nothing too special inside the remote.  The biggest issue is that Nikon used a proprietary plug introduced on the D70s camera.  The same plug in used on the newer D80.  Only a few sell a release for this camera.  I ended up spending 40$ Canadian to get that little plug.

UPDATE:  After my purchase I found a few places where I could have got a remote for my camera with a long cable.

I took the remote apart and here is what is inside.  From what I read I know it was going to be very simple.  I am going to cut the wire and add an extension to get the length I need. By using mini stereo or standard USB plug I can simple plug it back together to get the short version again.   Using a common plug gives me the advantage to easily add a Radio Control or various timers and triggers.  Why Nikon decided not to use a common plug in the first place I do not know. 


Inside are three wires running straight to the plug: green, white, and black.

Connecting black and green = half-press
Connecting black, green, and white = full press
Connecting black and white does nothing.



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