Now and Then - Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada, Dec. 2002 and winter 1899

As an assignment when I was studding photography, our class went to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick in Fredericton New Brunswick on the UNB campus. We were to find an old photograph and take an identical one from current day. Do a "now and then" photo comparison.  The Archives will print off the images they have for a modest price. I printed off an extra one as a gift for my grandfather.

My grandfather was a bit of a history buff.  He bought junk and sold antiques.  During his dealing with antiques he met the person that owned the negative, that was later donated to the Archives.  He was able to tell me that the negative was a glass plate, and the glass was broken into two pieces.  The crack, not very noticeable, runs through the little building by the crossing gate.  My attempt at creating a panorama back in 1989 was not very successful.  But that was when I got hooked on panoramas.  I was home for Christmas in 2002, and I shot this images around 1:00 PM on December 24th.

Sussex NB, "Then" Winter 1899
Sussex then

Sussex NB, "Now" Dec 24, 2002
Sussex now

To create the digital version of the old image here, I used my digital camera and took 4 shots, camera on tripod pointing down, just inside the patio door on a cloudy day, and stitched them together.
To create the digital version of the new image here, I used my digital camera and took 5 shots, camera on tripod with a fisheye lens full frame in portrait mode, and stitched them together.

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