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Every Saturday night my friends and I play Texas Hold'em Poker, alternating the game hosting amongst ourselves. Most of us are employed in technology companies, and our league name, Geek Poker Tour, follows from this.  

For a small buy in everyone gets the same amount of chips.  As people loose all their chips, they are eliminated.  The game continues until there is only one winner.  See HomePokerTourney For more information on Texas Hold'Em Poker and how to host your own tournament.

Our poker play is quite friendly, but we do follow the rules, and we have a moderate cash buy-in to each game that keeps us focused on playing smart. True to our league name, we record game stats and track our performance with an online website with charts and graphs, contesting for the coveted top position in the netgain stat.

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June 16 2007

poker vr

For this round we started with 10 people.  I was capturing community theme for the June 2007 World Wide Panorama event. 

QuickTime version

April 2005

poker vr

For this round there were 11 people.  It was theme night.  Dress up like a favourite poker pro, or your own style.  We divided ourselves over two tables.  When 5 or less people remained, they all move to one tables.  Three pan here, one of each table, plus the winners table.

QuickTime version
Java version

With some resistance I recorded some audio to go with each panorama.


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