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Calgary Stampede
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Every year in early July Calgary put on what they call the "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth". I pick a day that they are calling for rain and arrive just before dark. I usually hit the bumper cars first, no light evolved in that ride so I need daylight, but not too much, because I want a slow exposure to capture the motion.

There are usually one or two new rides but the old ones are always in the same location. Eventually it will down poor and before the hired street cleaner come with their squeegees and brooms to displace the water, I try my best to take as many shots as I can. I like all the added reflections in the water. a rainy day also makes for a darker sky for more contrast.

I have a tripod, cable release, and an umbrella. Exposures very depending on the ride. If the ride travels in a very straight line then the exposure is shorter than it takes the ride to revolve one step. Until the light on one seat turn to where the previous seat was. For rides that have very wild movements the exposures can be much longer. I do not want to make a solid blob of light.

Hopefully the rain does eventually clear up because there are fireworks every nigh. Many times it there is also lighting but as of yet I have not captured any on film. But I have tried several times.



Black and White just not the same but wanted to try some.



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