The World-Wide Panorama

Spring Equinox edition March 20, 2004

World Wide Panorama Logo An international involvement of VR panoramic photographer to capture the Spring Equinox over an 24h period.  For more information see The World Wide Panorama site.  More than 180 photographers in 40 countries around the world were involved in making this event happen

Britannia Park and Beach, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, March 20, 2004

This is my contribution for the day.  Britannia Park and Beach in the summer is full of people enjoying the sun and water of the Ottawa river.  On March 20th the weather was not co-operating, snowing and limited visibility.  The blowing snow deposited plenty of water drops on the lens while I was shooting  There was two people trying to para-ski.  I did not feel safe enough to go out on the ice without skis.

WWP 2004 1  WWP 2004 2  WWP 2004 3  WWP 2004 4

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