The World-Wide Panorama

Sumer Solstice / World Heritage edition June 19-21, 2004
Rideau Canal, Ontario, Canada, June 20, 2004

Jones Falls, Locks 39-42
N4432.760' W76 14.300'

4 Locks with a total lift of 17.8m (58.4ft)  Three inline locks and one detatched seperated by a turning basin. The site also consist of an arch dam 350 feet in length and 62 feet high built of sandstone blocks 6' by 3' by 2' placed on end.  Over 200 men, including 40 masons, worked on the dam and locks.  When built in 1830 it was the highest arch dam in North America.  A small power generator has also been added to the dam. The Hotel Kenney is one of the oldest hotels in the area built in 1888. Defensible lockmasters house and blacksmith shop are open with interpretive displays

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Visible in this pan is the Turning Basin at the top, locks 40, 41, & 42, and Whitefish Lake at the bottom.  Lock 39 is up around the corner joining the Turning Basin to Sand Lake.  The dam holds back Sand Lake from its original channel and is behind the trees on the other side of the locks.  The lock masters are at work allowing a ship to make its way up stream. 
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