My Parents Camp - New Brunswick, Canada

Located in the woods 20 minutes from Sussex, it is enjoyed all year long. 
Built over several years and always more being added and improved every year.
It is used as:
 - Base camp during hunting season.
 - Maple sugar camp in the spring.
 - Location for some large parties.
 - Location to host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Features a stocked fish pond, fiddle heads, ski & snow-shoe trails.
The surrounding woods supply the the heat for the house, camp, and the maple syrup evaporator.
Much of the wood for the camp and the sugar shack was harvested off the land.


March 30th 2013

Easter is Maple Syrup time.


October 8th 2012

Old fashion Thanksgiving dinner at the Camp. Family and Friends come from all around. Some have already left. Most of the rest are inside. The trees are starting to show their fall colors. The fish pond got a new dock in the summer.

Preparing for Winter

December 23th 2011

Went to the camp to prepare for Winter and for Maple Syrup season in the Spring. This is the second snow of the season and it may stay until Spring. Shortly the roads will not be drivable with the truck. The pond is mostly frozen. The skitter wont be needed until next wood cutting season.


October 9th 2011

Old fashion Thanksgiving dinner at the Camp. Family and Friends come from all around. The pond is to attract the deer while waiting in the little hut. Showing just a few of the lines to collect maple sap. The Maple trees have only stated to change color.

Summer Camp repairs

June 25th 2011

The joists under the camp have rotted a bit. One of the supports for the deck on the side has collapsed. The camp does not have a cement foundation and is built on the ground. In attempts to keep the wild life from getting under the camp and keep the cold out in the winter it was closed up. After 20 years of having no air flow, the joists have rot some, causing the floor inside to be springy.

The solution is to take all the boards off one side of the camp. Get someone small to crawl under the camp. One joist at a time, Jack the camp up at each end of the joist just enough to slide a new joist in place then set it back down. This time a few openings with wire mesh will be used to allow some air to flow under the camp. These will be closed off in the winter to keep the cold out.

The lillies are out in bloom by the pond.

End of maple syrup season

April 22th 2011

Maple syrup season at the camp has come to an end. On Earth day 2011 I helped remove the taps from the trees and clean out the lines and equipment so it can all be used another year. The snow is all gone and teh trees are starting to bud. The skys were clear and I shot this pano of the stars at the camp.

preparing for maple syrup season

March 19th 2011

Hooked up the rest of the old lines and tapped 24 trees to buckets. Tapped 58 new trees to lines. Enough sap collected to run the evaporator.

Lots of snow has melted, but still lots of snow left. The fruit trees in cages by the pond were buried two weeks ago. The pond is frozen but I did manage to get my foot into water at the edge. The Argo is the best way to get to the camp while snow is on the ground. Besides the driveway not being plowed the road is not plowed for several miles.

A little wine with lunch while we wait for it to get a little warm outside so the sap will start running.

The evaporator is being run for the first time this season. The plastic chimney is enough to take all the steam outside. Once the boil starts more stream than smoke is coming out the roof. Once the evaporator is running not much to do. Like watching paint dry while drinking beer.

March 13th 2011

Uncovering sap lines and tapping a few trees. All the snow has melted from the roof of the camp. Still a couple feet in the front yard and three feet in the shades of the trees.

March 5th 2011

Check the condition of the camp. Uncover the chimney and clear snow off the solar panels.