My Parents Camp - New Brunswick, Canada

The first 7 are from Dec 2002 using my Nikon CoolPix995 and fisheye adapter. The next 6 are from Aug 2006 using my Nikon D70 and 10.5mm fisheye lens.

Located in the woods 20 minutes from town, it is enjoyed all year long. 
Built over several years and always more being added and improved every year.
It is used as:
 - Base camp during hunting season.
 - Maple sugar camp in the spring.
 - Location for some large parties.
Features a stocked fish pond, fiddleheads, ski & snow-shoe trails.

In 2005 a new sugar shack was built down hill a bit, and when I was home in Aug 2006 I helped with the current expantion.

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